Episode 28: "Won't you be my neighbor?"

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We’ve got interesting & exciting news to share this week! Join us as we discuss things we learned can happen to our bodies when we sleep late (you definitely wanna hear this). Our main topic this week is entitled: "Won't you be my neighbor?". We reminisce about the wonderful Mr. Fred Rogers from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and our excitement about the new documentary about his life and legacy (“Won’t You be my Neighbor?”). He taught us that in order to spread kindness, it's all about seeing each other, regardless of our differences, with love. Let us know your thoughts about the episode or topics we discussed by commenting below!

Links mentioned in this week's episode:

1. What Happens To Your Body When You Stay Up Late? (Article)

2. Won't you be my neighbor? Trailer (Video)

3. How to Raise Kids Who Get Along With (Almost) Everyone (Article)


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