Episode 27: Never say never

Episode 27.png

This week is all about parenting and the preconceived notions we had about it. We highlight our woman of the week: Patty Rodriquez (Lil' Libros, Producer on Kiss FM, & more.), share our thoughts about a mommy-to-be’s refusal to attend a baby shower that was planned by her mother in law (Whaaat?!), and dive into our main topic: “Never Say Never”. We share all the things we swore we’d never do as parents (before we actually became parents). Tune in and share your thoughts with us via IG, Facebook, & Twitter or comment below!


Links mentioned in this week's episode:

1. Patty Rodriguez Is the Latina Who Proves Anything Is Possible (article)

2. Mom-to-be refuses to attend her own surprise baby shower - and other parents agree with her reason (article)

3. I’m Sorry to All the Moms I Treated Terribly Before I Became a Parent (article)