Episode 13: No seas metiche/All up in the Kool-Aid


Another wonderful Tuesday to sit back and join us as we start off with our reactions to Pixar’s Coco #AllTheFeels; our thoughts about the frozen “short” that airs before the movie; the Girl Scouts PSA about not forcing our daughters to hug anyone this holiday season (say what?!); Celeste's excitement over the royal engagement (You go Megan Markle); and our love for Vanessa Bryant (seriously, she's AMAZING!).

Our main topic: No seas metiche/All up in the Kool-Aid. Tune in to hear us reminisce about how we were metiches/nosy as kids (FYI, we were a hawt mess!) and how being "in the know" is not always a bad thing. With information so easily accessible we might know a lot when it comes to other people's lives (ie celebrities, politicians etc) but sometimes we don't take the time to be "in the know" with things that are most important which in turn impact our interactions with others. Therefore, this week we'll be taking a hard look at our own lives and how we can be better at being intentional with what matters most.

Share your thoughts & reactions with us and as always, be apart of the conversation!.


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  4. Meghan Markle intends to become UK citizen after marriage to Prince Harry