Episode 12: Livin' that social media kinda life

Join us for this week's episode as we start off discussing our excitement for all things Christmas (even Evie is finally down😉), our thoughts regarding the new men facing recent sexual harassment allegations, the bizarre "kid-friendly" YouTube channel that was recently shut down for inappropriate content, & our main topic: Social media “rules”: navigating social media etiquette and all things Social Media (is it pronounced GIF or JIF?). What’s your take on social media etiquette (ie. when to respond to DM's, tagging others in pics, ect)? What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to how we use social media and what kind of tech lingo (i.e. BTW, lol) do you use on the daily that you wouldn’t be able to communicate without? Let us know fam!

A little más side note: 

A little más side note: Mabel mentions that she still hasn't watched Pixar's Coco in this episode (the episode was recorded on Friday) but she did (she watched it on Saturday) and she LOVED it!!

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