Episode 07: Life before technology

This week we discuss the Melania imposter controversy, the Harvey Weinstein scandal, congratulate the Dodgers for going to the World Series, and our excitement about Selena FINALLY getting a star on the walk of fame. Lastly, do you remember the good 'ole days before the internet and social media? Our main topic this week is: Life before technology. We recognize that new advancements in technology are a great thing but sometimes it's good to disconnect. What was life like for you before technology? Join in on the conversation and let us know!

Links from this week's episode:

  1. "Melania really wanted to be with us" (Youtube)
  2. Selena Youtube Google doodle and the Selena Museum memorabilia. 
  3. What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet (article)
  4. 12 Things We Did Before Technology (article)
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