A Pop of Color Never Hurt Anyone (Eyeshadow Tutorial)

I remember hanging out with a few friends and a friend of mine was rocking some beautiful purple eyeshadow shades. I remember thinking “I wish I could pull that off!” I then went home and searched to see if I had any similar colors (I did not) so, I kind of let that dream go (HAHA!).

After months of hoping I came across some beautiful shades that reminded me of my friend’s beautiful eyeshadow shades! The girl that was helping my mom out at ULTA was rocking some vibrant shades of purple! I immediately asked her and she said all the colors she was using were from a Too Faced palette called the Chocolate Gold edition. Let me say this now, the colors are BEAUTIFUL! Not only does it have those shades of purple, but it also has gold, rose gold, and bronze for a more natural look. Alongside those lovely shades is a dazzling emerald color that I cannot wait to use one day. 


I know that using vibrant colors can be a bit scary, but it can also be fun! I am choosing to show you a look with this glorious palette using the two lively purple shades. The girl that I saw at ULTA had beautiful brown eyes and she definitely rocked it. I have hazel-green eyes, so I feel like this eyeshadow look can look beautiful on everyone! 

I hope you enjoy! (IG: @ohhhdenise)


Step ONE:

Prim those lids!! I use my concealer to prime. Also, when using highly pigmented eyeshadows I do my foundation last due to eyeshadow fall-out (it's never fun going back to remove it and find that you've removed some of your foundation too). Another great step is having your eyebrows done so that you can have that section of your face ready for all of your other makeup.

Step TWO:

Start with a light transitional color. I am using So Boujee on my outer crease with a medium fluffy brush. I like to go in circular motions to ensure there is a beautiful blend. 


Using the color Cocoa Ruffle, I then go in my inner crease. I have hooded eyes so I tend to go just above my inner crease so that it opens up my eyelid area. I really like to buff out Cocoa Ruffle and blend it into So Boujee- still going in circular motions while ensuring that there aren’t any harsh lines. 

Step FOUR: 

For this next step, you can choose to either apply the pigmented color (like the one I’ll be using: Livin’ Lavish) with your finger or you can use a flat synthetic brush. If you choose to use a brush, spray its bristles with a setting spray which helps gather all the pigment and makes it last longer. I am using my finger for this step. I feel that with my finger, I can grab much more pigment. I used my middle finger and tapped the shade lightly on my lid. I like starting off with the darker shade of the two, so I can go in with a bright pop in the middle. 

Step FIVE:

Lastly, with my finger, I use New Money on the center of my lid. Once it is to my liking, I go in with a clean fluffy brush and blend everything in (just the crease area) ensuring that there are no harsh lines. I also like to add a shimmer to my brow bone once the look is complete. 

Final Look with my face done up :)

I love the way each color blended beautifully to create a bold Summer Ready look! So be bold this season and let your colors be as vibrant as YOU!