Episode 32: Stepping into the unknown w/ Silvia from Mas Masa & Abuela's Kitchen

Credit: Mas Masa

Credit: Mas Masa

This week we’re joined by Silvia from Más Masa (Hooray!)

We talk about the Pink Tax and ladies, you’re gonna wanna tune in to this episode to learn about how businesses are overcharging us for products that are targeted specifically for women. We'll also play a quick round of rapid fire questions with Silvia and discuss our main topic: Stepping into the unknown. Sometimes we fight change and Silvia is going to walk us through how she has navigated life changes, criticism, and the pursuit of leaving behind a worthwhile legacy. 

Links mentioned in this week's episode:

1. How Savvy Women Can Fight The ”Pink Tax (Article)

2. Abuela's Kitchen: YouTube Page & Instagram

3. Mas Masa: YouTube Page & Instagram