Episode 23: The Challenge of Self-Love

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Hello Tuesday!

This week we start off with discussing the growing business of "rented parents/significant others" for those life moments when you need a stand-in (Think of the movie "The Wedding Date"). Our main topic is all about loving ourselves and what we've done to help see ourselves as something other than terrible. All of us have made mistakes and at times think back on the things that we're not proud of. Many of us have faced moments in life where we're not happy where we're at either emotionally or situationally. How do we love ourselves in those moments or when we're struggling with viewing ourselves negatively? Tune in as we delve deeper into the importance of self-love.

Links mentioned in this week's episode:

1. Rented Parents are here to meet teachers & significant others (article)

2. Taya Smith speaking about finding her quiet place (Video)