Episode 20: Growing up on natural remedies & the concept of beauty


We’ve made it to 20 episodes! Hooray!
Join us this week as we discuss our reactions to some unfortunate responses that medical staff have had when working with mommies who struggle with postpartum depression (PPD), our struggle to shop organic as we continue on the path towards healthy living (P.s. the struggle is beyond real but totally worth it). Our main topic: Natural remedies & beauty. Over the years we’ve learned some wild and wonderful natural remedies and beauty tips which we share with you this week. We’re eager to hear yours so join in on the conversation and feel free to share your tried and true remedies and tips.

Links mentioned in this week's episode:

  1. A Nurse called the Police on mom that said she had PPD (Article)
  2. Postpartum Depression Resources: Nationwide Organizations; Corazon Counseling in the Inland Empire
  3. Desi Perkins explores Latino beauty in L.A. (Video)
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